Via telephone calls, or internet calls, MoH NUG offers Telemedicine to provide basic primary health care servieces for the population in needs. Patients who required specialist will be referred to respective specialist for teleconsultation.


Specialist doctors will take care of the referred patients for further consultation via online platform first, unless physical examination or surgeries is necessary. If required, the face-to-face consultation will be organised with the specialist in the nearest location.


Using Tele-Education as a major education program for the medical students who have already missed their schooling as a result of Covid-19 and staged Coup in February. MoH NUG is organising virtual lectures , for both undergraduate and postgraduate students in collaboration with diasporas across the world.

Opportunities to attend webinars with international speakers lies ahead.

Detailed program information for patients to receive treatment in the Ministry of Health’s TeleHealth Program can be found on the Facebook Page – “Tele Health – MoH, NUG of Myanmar” –
Patients who will be treated for the Tele Health Plan:
1. You will need to have internet.
2. You must queue up to receive a doctor’s appointment at
3. The doctor will call each of the patients in a row and give advice and treatment.
4. You will be treated daily from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. There are no holidays.
5. Further expansion programs will be announced on the “Tele Health – MoH, NUG of Myanmar” Facebook Page
6. People who need emergency medical care should not seek advice on this Tele Health Plan.
7. All treatments are free.
MOH Telehealth is for everyone.

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Tele-education Programs

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