COVID-19 Prevention Measures Posters

1. Frequently wash your hands by using soap & water or hand gel

wash your hands thoroughly at least 20 seconds using soap & water .

Use hand gel which contains 60% alcohol .

Do not touch your face without washing your hands.

2. If you need to go outside, wear a face mask which covers your moth and nose

use a surgical mask or fabric mask.

wash your hands before touching the mask. Hold the mask by the string and place it on your face covering your mouth and nose. Make sure there is no gaps between your face and the mask.

Do not wear a face shield without wearing a mask or push your mask down to the chin. It won’t prevent transmission.

3. Stay 6 feet away from other people

Make sure to follow social distancing. Avoid hugging , shaking hands etc.

Do not go outside unless necessary. Avoid crowded places.

Wash your hands , change your clothes after going outside.

4. when you cough or sneeze , cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or cough or sneeze into your elbow, not your hands.

Covering your mouth and nose prevents droplets from escaping into your surroundings.

 Throw used tissues in the trash can.

Don’t forget to wash you hands.

5. Avoid places with poor ventilation.

If you have to meet with someone , avoid closed rooms and choose places with good ventilation outside the buildings.

Open the windows at home for good ventilation.

Limit the number of visitors to your home.

Ministry of Health,

National Unity Government.

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Published on: 12 July 2021
Last Updated: 12 July 2021