Diplomatic Briefing about Military’s Air Attack in Pazigyi Village

Diplomatic briefing on Emergency Health Services In Response to Military’s Air Attack
in Pazigyi Village, Kant Balu Township, Sagaing Region by Professor Zaw Wai Soe, Union Minister, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education, National Unity Government of Myanmar (20 April 2023)

Thank you so much. For us very difficult to say, Mingalarpar or good afternoon, to greed. 

Being a minister for Education and Health ministries of NUG, I feel very sad and very bad. We lost 21 primary school children and 1 of their teachers in this Pazigyi village killing by brutal fascist Myanmar military dictator. I could protect them.

The military council has carried out several aerial attacks prior to Pazigyi village incident, namely Anantpar in Kachin state, Tar Tine village in Sagaing, Karenni and Chin states.

We all knew that air strikes will be escalating overtime as their ground forces are weakening and losing.

We have prepared officials and volunteers operating on the ground to prevent and alert the aerial attacks, especially where there are schools and hospitals.

 We are allocating a budget to build bomb shelters for all the hospitals and schools and practise the emergency response for aerial attacks.

The emergency medic training has been provided to 8000-10000 people across the country.

Secondary hospitals are also built, 66 hospitals, 159 frontline clinics and 250 mobile clinics.

Over the last two years, we have not received any substantial and tangible amount of funding support from the international community. WE HAVE NOT. NO SUBSTANTIAL SUPPORT. MYANMAR PEOPLE ARE HELPING EACH OTHER. OURSELVES.

We are facing many challenges when we try our best to provide timely emergency rescue and management plans. It would have been more effective if there were international aids.

As soon as the attack took place in Pazigyi village around 8 am in 11th April, an emergency coordinating response team was activated at the Union level with the input of ministries across the government, working with the local teams, Kanbalu township team and Pazigyi village tract team. 

There is a heath sub-centre in Pazigyi village and a nearby secondary hospital, where operations can be performed.

Wounded people were assessed and first responder treatments were provided and were transported on carts, cars and by men from the village to the secondary hospitals. Dead bodies were identified; sex, age and name.

Both Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Health medical teams are still managing critically ill patients and there are about 17 patients who are receiving treatments at the secondary hospital for their critical injuries.

Many villagers and volunteers are experiencing mental trauma and are receiving psychosocial support. School teachers are helping to medical team.

The military council continues to attack the Pazigyi village after the first air attack and now more than 200 soldiers raided the villages yesterday to clear the witnesses and evidence. Our station hospital along with patients and health workers were moved to a nearby safe place.

The military soldiers invaded the hospital and killed patients and held 30 civilians as hostages in Magyee Kan village, Myaing Township, Magway division on 18th April. This hospital was donated by JICA foundation prior to the coup. This is a clear violation of Geneva conventions and performing the war crimes in the broad daylight.

As mentioned in the beginning, we have not received any effective support and help to the most needed population from the international organisations.

Our people deserve better care such as proper medical ambulances, investigative laboratories and basic essential medicines. 

Our children have not received any vaccination and this itself is a global security concern for outbreaks.

So, we urgently call for your coordinated help and support for medicines, laboratory services, telecommunication devices to improve our communication and operation. We urge this support to be provided through cross border. We could, we wish to save, we could protect the lives of innocent people, school children, school teachers, nurses, doctors and people. Please help us.

Thank you so much

Ministry of Health,

National Unity Government.

Published on: 25 April 2023

Last updated: 25 April 2023