Facts To Know About Fabric Masks

A variety of fabric materials can be used to make fabric face mask.

You should choose following kind of fabric masks

– Made of fine , tightly woven fabric and breathable .

– It has a metal strip to be molded to the shape of your nose.

– A mask with thick clothing which light cannot pass through when look up against the bright light in the background.

Fabric masks you shouldn’t wear as they cannot protect against transmission

– A fabric mask which has an exhalation valve or vent .

– A single layered fabric mask or a mask that is too thin to let the light pass through it.

When to wear a mask

Wear whenever you meet someone who isn’t your family member or whenever you go outside.

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Ministry of Health ,

National Unity Government.

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Published on: 14 July 2021
Last Updated: 14 July 2021