Federal Health Principles

Myanmar aims for developing a federal democratic system. A federal, devolved health care system will be developed in consonance with the country’s political system. 
In devolved health care systems, the government and the people are both responsible, to varying degrees depending on the structure, for the health care of the country’s population – curative, preventative, promotive, rehabilitative, palliative, and mental health services.  Within a devolved health care system, political, administrative, and fiscal health powers would be shared between the Union and sub-Union governments.
It is envisioned that the future discussions for the federal constitutions by the NUG with the ethnic political stakeholders encompass an architecture of federal health systems. 
Incongruent with this architecture, a devolved federal health system that guarantees meaningful powerful sharing on financial, human resources, supply chain management, and other major elements will be consolidated by the MoH of the NUG. 

Last Updated: 21 May 2021