General Recommendations for Covid-19 Patients and Suspected Patients

General Recommendations for Covid-19 Patients

(1) If a patient develops any of Covid-19 symptoms (persistent cough, sob, fever, loss of smell), please call local telephone triage and advice line to speak to a healthcare professional. Please do not attend the health care clinic without speaking to a doctor first on the phone.

(2) It is advisable to keep pulse oximeter and a thermometer at home.

(3) Please follow the isolation guidelines for Covid-19 if you develop any Covid-19 symptoms.

(4) If the fingertip oxygen content (SpO2) is 92% or below, you need to go to the nearest medical center and be hospitalized.

Isolation Guidelines for Covid-19 Suspected Patients

(1) People with Covid-19 syndrome need to be isolated for 10 days from the date of symptoms.

(2) For a family member of a person with symptoms or someone who has been in contact with someone with symptoms, they must stay separate for 10 days even if they have not shown symptoms. During those days, you will need to stay separate for 10 days from the date of symptoms if symptoms appear.

(3) Isolation can be done in a locally-defined covid control center and community center or in a separate room in your home.

(4) If symptoms become worsen during isolation, seek medical attention.

Tips to follow the instructions when living separately at your home if you have symptons that may have caused by Covid-19

(1) If you cannot go to Covid-19 Control Center or Community Centers, please follow these tips when living in a separate home. By doing so, you will not be able to infect your loved ones.

(2) Arrange for a private room or a well-ventilated private area.

(3) Keep the accessories separately. If you share your home with others, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water for 20 seconds before and after handling or use a hand sanitizer containing 60% alcohol.

(4) Limit your contact with your family members as much as possible (eg: Mobile Phone). If you need to speak to them directly, please stay at least 6 feet away from others wherever possible. Wear your mask properly.

(5) Disinfect thoroughly after sharing household items (eg door handles, faucets, etc.).

(6) Dispose of used items (eg tissues, masks, etc.) properly in a covered trash can.

Published on 2 June 2021
Last Updated: 2 June 2021