The ultimate goal is to ensure people of Myanmar have access to the health services they need during the interim period of on-going anti-dictatorship movement by the people aiming for the return of the power to the people and the NUG that would cherish the federalism and the genuine democracy. 

Strategic Healthcare Plan

The two cornerstones of the strategy are Universal Health Coverage (UHC) as in the National Health Plan of the NLD-government and Federal Democratic Principles. The strategy underscores seven pillars of health systems. These pillars are interconnected to one another and considered to be essential elements of a people-led health system during this critical period.  

Pillar 1. Community-health System: Local communities play an essential role to set up a people-led health system. They should coordinate with different health actors to mobilize financial, technical and human resources, especially for primary health care services.  

Pillar 2. Leadership and governance: MoH of the NUG will provide health policy and strategic directions to health actors and coordinate with development partners for supporting people-led health systems, leaving no one behind.   

Pillar 3. Service Delivery: Primary Health Care service, trauma and injuries and Covid-19 should be prioritized by health actors. New initiatives such as teleconsultations and coordinated care by GPs and Private Clinics/Hospitals should be considered as proposed in the annexes.   

Pillar 4. Health Workforce: The CDM health workers, and health workforces from private sector, NGOs, CBOs/CSOs and EHOs are key human resources for the people-led health systems. Coordinated efforts among these health workforces are essential for efficient and effective health service delivery for the people. 

Pillar 5. Health Information System: Health actors are encouraged to provide general morbidity and mortality data to the minister’s team from their different service delivery channels for identifying emerging health problems and future planning of the NUG. 

Pillar 6. Medical Products and Technologies: Medicines and supplies for high burden diseases in the country and Covid-19 vaccines should be secured in coordination with UN agencies, development partners and private actors.   

Pillar 7. Health financing: Development partners are encouraged to repurpose their financial assistance to support health programs implemented by CDM health workers and private health service providers (both non-profit and profit). Local donors and well-wishers are encouraged to donate to local health funds or organizations which are providing essential health services.  

Last Updated: 21 May 2021