Health Financing

Provider payment mechanisms

  • Temporarily Free-of-charge or co-payment to avoid causing barriers to care during emergencies, especially to affected populations

Public-private partnerships 

  • Setting negotiated prices for those seeking care from private providers to reduce the financial burden of the already conflict-affected population

Contingency health funding 

  • Mobilizing resources at a community level to deal with the surges in demand for services, supplies, and logistic support (for example; outbreak resonse such as Covid-19, cholera, etc)

External funding assistance (ODA, etc)

  • With close collaboration with MoH, external funding assistance can be used for implementation of the NUG’s health strategies to ensure the delivery of prioritized health services to the needed populations. It is also important to stop financial assistance towards the SAC which continuously commits human rights violations, including killing of innocent young children

Last Updated: 21 May 2021