Health For Children And Young People

Hope and Future of Myanmar

health for children and young people

Children and youths are important to today’s development of society as well as being the hope and future of a country. Better health provision, a nurturing home environment, educational opportunities to this particular group will be focused and promoted by the MoH. According to the 2014 Myanmar Population and Housing Census, the total population of children and youth combined was recorded at 23.4 million persons which is 46.5 per cent of the total 50.3 million people. The MoH will protect and properly nurture the health of Children and youth to enable them to be productive both economically and socially.  To grow and develop in good health, the MoH will provide health information, including age-appropriate comprehensive sexuality education; opportunities to develop life skills; health services that are acceptable, equitable, appropriate and effective; and safe and supportive environments. The MoH will also provide opportunities to meaningfully participate in the design and delivery of interventions to improve and maintain their health.

Last Updated: 21 May 2021