Health Information System

health information system

Health information and research is one of the most important building blocks because sound and reliable information is the cornerstone of informed decision-making. The health information system is essential for the proper development of other pillars. Timely and accurate health information is vital in this critical situation to inform future planning and resource allocation. 

The monthly reporting data format and reporting channels is under development.

For the long run, a comprehensive health information policy and strategic plan will be developed for establishing the integrated health information system that can support evidence-based quality health care practices and management at every level of the health system. The system will be able to capture and provide essential health and health-related information in the area of public health, public and private medical care services, human resources, logistic supply, disease surveillance, and control, and health financing information. This system will ensure the integrity of health information that can reflect the country’s health status and provide the health care decision-makers and providers the direction for the rational use of healthcare resources in a timely and effective manner without putting an over-burden on healthcare workers.

Last Updated: 21 May 2021