If You Have COVID-19 Suspected Patient or Confirmed Case at Home

1. Isolation – prepare isolated room for the patient away from other family members. Isolated room should have enough ventilation and lighting.

2. Reducing the risk of transmission – choose someone for taking care of patient (who is not chronically ill , elderly , pregnant and do not go out often). Make sure to wear a face mask if you are in the same room as the patient. Use separate spoon , dishes , bed sheets , pillows and blankets etc. only for the patient. Frequently clean and disinfect surfaces contacted by the patient.

3. Patient Care – check the patient’s symptoms regularly. Special care should be taken for patients who are at high risk for severe COVID-19 ( chronically ill , elderly and pregnant ). Make sure the patient is well rested and hydrated.

If the patient experience any of the following dangerous symptoms , contact nearest clinic or doctor .

(a) Difficulty in breathing

(b) Anxiety

(c) Unable to speak or move

(d) chest pain

Ministry of Health ,

National Unity Government

Published on 5 July 2021
Last Updated: 5 July 2021