National Health Conference Statement

Dated: 5th August 2021

1. A National Health Conference organised by the Ethnic Health Organisations (EHO) and the Ministry of Health, National Unity Government, held on 2nd – 5th August, 2021, was attended by 138 representatives.

2. At this National Health Conference, the following papers and policy matters were presented, discussed and ratified:

– A paper on Health and Human Rights.
– A presentation on Federal Healthcare Systems.
– Current Healthcare Policies and Healthcare Programmes of Ethnic Health Organisations prevalent in the various Ethnic Communities.
– Examining Current Data, Prevention and Management of COVID-19 Third Wave.
– Federal Union Healthcare Policy.
– Universal Healthcare Policy.

3. In addition, for an effective Healthcare System with a comprehensive Healthcare Policy that is acceptable in the future Federal Union to be realised, a “National Health Committee” was established.

Contact details:

1. Dr. Oakaar (+95 945 669 6679)
2. Dr. Saw Ne Htoo (+66 8 1190 2217)
3. Sayama Nang Sa No (+66 87 2020 417)

Ministry of Health,

National Unity Government.

Published on: 6 August 2021
Last Updated: 6 August 2021