Precautions For COVID-19 Suspected Patient in Home Isolation to Follow

During isolation at your home when you can’t go to covid-19 control center or community-based center , be sure to follow these safety precautions so that your beloved ones won’t get infected.

Prepare well-ventilated isolation room or isolated space.

Keep your accessories separate . If you have to share with others , wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water for 20 seconds before and after handling or use hand sanitizer containing 60% alcohol.

Communicate with family members without using direct contact ( e.g. mobile phone ) . If you have to speak directly , stay at least 6 feet away. Wear a face mask properly.

Thoroughly disinfect shared household items (eg door handles, faucets, etc.)

Dispose of used items (eg tissues, masks, etc.) properly in a covered trash can.

Ministry of Health,

National Unity Government.

Published on 5 July 2021
Last Updated: 5 July 2021