Removing Booking System and replace with direct Consultation System For Tele-Clinic

Booking system has been removed and replaced with a direct consultation system for tele-clinic and Covid-19 tele-health telegram channel active time has been extended from 8 am to 8pm daily.

Ministry of Health of National Unity Government , has started the tele-clinic program on 19-6-2021 .

Previously , there are two types of tele-clinic system , direct consultation with doctors and booking system. We later found out that the direct consultation system is more convenient for the patients and the booking system is removed.

The tele-health program has been expanded with four more covid-19 telegram channels starting from 16-7-2021 which provide online counseling and treatment for covid-19 patients during the third wave outbreak.

Available Covid-19 telegram channels

COVID-19 Telegram Channel 1

COVID-19 Telegram Channel 2

COVID-19 Telegram Channel 3

COVID-19 Telegram Channel 4

you can be consulted daily from 8 am to 8 pm on preferred channel from the four channels instead of overloaded channel.

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Specialties can also be consulted and referred to specialists by the tele-health doctors.

All service are free of charge .

Tele-clinic is for non-Covid-19 patient.

The Tele-Health Programs are Not For Emergency Patients

Ministry of Health,

National Unity Government.

Published on: 5 August 2021
Last Updated: 5 August 2021