Spring Healthcare Heroes (SHH) Programme

Spring Healthcare Heroes (SHH) Programme is where assistance is being given to a healthcare personnel by another healthcare personnel. The programme is about looking after and giving assistance to all those healthcare workers who have been doing their utmost, enduring hardship and selflessly looking after the healthcare needs of those who have been fiercely fighting for the revolution at the frontline and those of the public who have become war refugees.

As SHH Programme is about healthcare workers looking after healthcare workers, healthcare personnel from across the world will be giving support to their brethren healthcare workers who have been taking part in the Revolution from the front.

But it is not just about the workers from the healthcare sector, we would happily welcome the public if they were to join the programme and offer support to the frontline healthcare workers.

Membership fee is US$30.00 per month, and the membership ranges from 3 months, 6 months, to a year depending on affordability.

You can buy as many membership cards as you want to be able to support more than one healthcare worker. For example, if one buys ten membership cards monthly that member will be looking after 10 healthcare workers every month.

✨ SHH Agents across the world ✨

❗ Telegram accounts

Myanmar – @Kiki_cdmmn
Myanmar – @nangwei010
Singapore – @Dahlia_Mya
Brunei – @Aeolus_7
Australia – @SHH_Australia_St
Australia – @Lavender_Spring
New Zealand – @SHH_NZ
UK – @metta4
UK – @n5n3o
UK – @FriendsofMyanmar
UK – @springcyrstal
USA – @PhoenixEndo
USA – @Auntyaa
Canada – @KSTOCA
Jamaica – @TelehealthMM_greentea
Jamaica – @JDonut999
Global (Mainly Japan) – @KM_OTO

❗ Facebook Pages

Global (Mainly Japan) – One-to-One CDM Campaign

Myanmar – CDM Medical Network

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Ministry of Health,

National Unity Government

Published on: 12 August 2022
Last Updated: 12 August 2022