Using Tele-Education as a major education program for the medical students who have already missed their schooling as a result of Covid-19 and staged Coup in February. MoH NUG is organising virtual lectures , for both undergraduate and postgraduate students in collaboration with diasporas across the world.

Opportunities to attend webinars with international speakers lies ahead.

Lectures, Clinical Guidelines, and Medical resources


Lectures by Ministry of Health (MOH), NUG of Myanmar.


Lectures by Medical Family Mandalay (MFM).


Lectures by Yangon Medical Network (YMN).

Burmese/UK experts

Clinical videos for Myanmar - written by Burmese/UK experts.

Myanmar Clinical Guidance

By doctors, nurses and others in Myanmar.

A Yay Paw App

"A Yay Paw" is offline first aid guidelines app.

Ministry of Health

Tele-education Programs

Read the latest tele-education programs, an inspiring story from the Ministry of Health’s work, or get in touch with our media team.