Tele-health Messenger Bot Available Now

Messenger Bot has been installed in Tele-health online clinic of NUG MOH.

Messenger Bot is available now to facilitate patients’ access to free treatment at the tele-health online clinic.

Patients can receive free treatments through the messenger chat box of the Tele-health online clinic Facebook page


or via the Tele-health Messenger Bot

Messenger Bot >> (

Covid-19 patients and patients with common medical disease and conditions can be consulted daily from 8 am to 6 pm on the Tele-health Messenger Bot.

The previously mentioned Telemedicine pages and internet websites (, COVID-19 Telegram Channel) have been shut down.

We are requesting you to receive free treatment only through the Tele-health messenger Bot and not from the above ones that have been shut down.

not for emergency cases !!

We will later upload videos for how to use Tele-health messenger bot.

For patients who needed to be referred to a specialist, up to 14 specialties can be consulted.

Up to 14 specialties : medicine , surgery , obstetrics & gynecology , pediatric , cardiac , pulmonary , renal , orthopedics , ophthalmology , oncology , mental health , rheumatology , ENT and endocrinology can be consulted and referred to specialists by the tele-health doctors.

If you have previously spoken on Tele-health messenger , click on the three dotted menu icon next to the text box and then click “restart” button.

Ministry of Health,

National Unity Government.

Published on: 24 September 2021
Last Updated: 24 September 2021