UN Agencies and Development Partners

The NUG of Myanmar recognizes and appreciates the continuous support of UN agencies and development partners for the health system development and UHC goal of the country. 
At this critical moment, UN agencies and development partners should continue their commitments for the country and consider supporting financially or technically to private (not-for-profit and social enterprise) health service delivery systems. 
Development partners are requested to be flexible as much as possible to address the health needs of the country by strengthening partnerships with private sector partners (GPs, Private health facilities, NGOs, CSOs/CBOs, EHOs). 
The development assistance for health in Myanmar should be repurposed to support GPs, Private health facilities, NGOs, CSOs/CBOs, and EHOs for their initiatives so that they can successfully implement the people-centered projects and activities during this period.     
NUG of Myanmar is open to close collaboration with UN agencies and Development Partners for the provision of quality health services within the country

Last Updated: 21 May 2021